Phil Pringle

Hailing from New Zealand, Phil and Chris left in 1980 with their kids and a few good friends to plant the first C3 Church on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Now C3 Global has planted over 500 churches worldwide. Ps Phil has a strong passion for growing the local church and seeing people won for Christ.

He is committed to developing leaders who can spread the vision and plant churches that see the lost saved and the power of the Holy Spirit revealed.

Paul Scanlon

For over 30 years Paul Scanlon has been empowering and growing God’s people.

Formally the Senior Leader of Life Church UK, he now focuses on his three main passions; communication, leadership and personal development.
His belief that it’s more important to grow people than things, combined with his innate ability to walk in other peoples shoes creates a rare sense of connection as he ministers.

Paul is sought after worldwide for his communication on leadership and personal development.

Dean & Fiona Rush

Dean and Fiona Rush are the Senior Leaders of C3 Auckland, which is a church of five campuses. They have been in ministry for over 20 years.

Dean and Fiona pioneered a nationwide youth movement in New Zealand, which has raised up many young leaders in the body of Christ. They have a strong gift for activating people into their God given purpose and releasing leaders. As the founders of both the DiscipleMakers and Everywoman Conferences, they have a passion for equipping God’s people for kingdom influence.

Aaron Hardy

Aaron is a Pastor, Worship Leader and Songwriter from Te Rautini Church in Hamilton. He is deeply passionate about Aotearoa, the land and her story.

He is a strong advocate for cultural reconciliation and authentic engagement with te reo Māori, tikanga Māori and the Māori story as part of being a kiwi.

As an expression of this, Aaron is part of leading a team of musicians and song writers to write music that is authentic to Aotearoa.

Aaron is newly married to the beautiful Te Ata (Ngaati Maahanga) and they have a stunning little girl Tākirikoteata.